Joining a marathon is an admirable pursuit demanding readiness, stamina, and adherence to specific guidelines and protocols. These standards are set to ensure the safety, fairness, and overall positive experience for all entrants. By entering for this event, you consent to comply with these guidelines and protocols. We encourage each runner to review and comprehend these stipulations thoroughly prior to the event day.

Entry Criteria and Enrollment

Qualifications for Entry

To take part in our marathon, participants must:

  • Have reached the age of majority (18 years) on or before the day of the event.
  • Certify their medical and physical capability to undertake a full marathon.
  • Accept and adhere to all event regulations and the rulings of marathon authorities.

Registration Process

Registration must be completed online through the official marathon website. Here are the steps and necessary information for registration:

  • Fill out the registration form with your personal details, including name, date of birth, address, and contact information.
  • Pay the registration fee. Note that this fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Agree to the waiver and release of liability form.
  • Choose whether to opt-in for additional race services such as pre-race dinner, official photographs, or coaching packages.
Standard Entry$100Basic race entry
Premium Entry$150Includes pre-race dinner and a T-shirt
Ultimate Entry$200Includes Premium Entry plus a coaching session and finish line photo

Guidelines and Standards for Event Day

Gear and Dress Code

Runners are expected to wear proper running gear and shoes. The following items are not permitted:

  • Headphones or sound devices.
  • Any mechanically propelled or wheeled devices, including bikes, skates, and scooters.
  • Animals.

Track Adherence

  • Participants are to complete the race on foot.
  • It’s mandatory to stick to the marked path and avoid shortcuts.
  • Race identification must be displayed prominently on your front side at all times.
  • Entrants should begin at their designated time and section.

Health and Emergency Protocols

  • Health stations will be accessible along the route and at the finish line. Those facing difficulties should seek help promptly.
  • In the event of adverse weather or other hazardous conditions, the event might be rescheduled or canceled. In such cases, entry fees are not refundable.

Rights and Obligations

Rights to Images

By taking part in the marathon, participants permit the event organizers to use images, videos, or other records of the event that may include their likeness for legitimate purposes without remuneration.

Information Security

Personal data gathered during enrollment will only be employed for event organization purposes, such as timing, result tabulation, and post-event communications. Such data will be kept secure and not shared with third parties.

Exemption from Liability

Entrants release the marathon organization, its sponsors, partners, and volunteers from any claims or demands that might arise from their participation in the event. This includes, but is not limited to, issues related to mishaps, injuries, and loss of personal items.