Please run TAM for Facing Africa and run for FREE

Our main sponsor Facing Africa is offering to pay your registration on TAM 2017 if you raise money for this amazing charity.
It is very simple:
  • You tell your friends via social media / email / in the pub that you are running this incredible race.
  • Tell then you feel that to make your TAM efforts worthwhile you wish to raise money for far less fortunate people in the world.
  • Tell them about Facing Africa, post a video and a link to the FA website and let them see what the charity does.
  • They can donate online and once you reach €3000 of sponsorship, Facing Africa will refund 100% of your registration fee.  You will be running for FREE but making a huge difference to people in Sub Saharan Africa suffering from the NOMA disease.

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Running your ultra marathon to raise money to fix faces of NOMA victims and RUN FOR FREE!


Many runners have a strong desire to make their running mean more by helping desperate people who really need help.  Running a spectacular race like Trans Atlas Marathon is a fantastic opportunity to do good and raise money for a charity.

Our main sponsor is Facing Africa.  Based in the UK, this amazing charity sends teams of maxillofacial surgeons to Ethiopia from the UK, Germany and other countries to perform incredible, life changing surgery on patients of a horrible disease called NOMA.   This disease eats away children and adults faces and leaves then severely disfigured and socially rejected due to the shocking nature of their faces.  New faces are sculpted by these highly skilled surgeons, transforming the lives of these very poor people.

Facing Africa would like to encourage you to raise money through your run by getting friends and family, business acquaintances and any one you can on your social networks to sponsor your run.  Facing Africa will pay for your registration fees to the Trans Atlas Marathon when you raise over £3,000 (GBP) in sponsorships.

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Please read more about the work Facing Africa does here.

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